A Great Time to Be Learning Online

Tom Vander Ark is CEO of City Prep Academies, a network of charter schools that blend the best of online and onsite learning. He is a partner in Revolution Learning, an education venture fund, and a partner in Vander Ark/Ratcliff, an education public affairs firm.

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Blended Shift on delivery with intention to improve productivity.

Charter models for Race to the Top
    1. transformation
3 trunaround

The First Book, Rita Dove (relate this poem to online learning)
Online Traction: changing conditions slow but:
· More broadband
· Cheap access devices
· Powerful app platforms
· Adaptive content (personalized and engaging)
· New investors (federal stimulus, publishers, private equity and VC, other countries like India, China, Middle East)
Innovations produced in these other countries that we will import
Learning 2.0: personalized learning in global communities: creating environments that book learning, staffing, and facilities productivity in order to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY
What does this look like 10 years from now? blended world, range of options
What is blended? Just more computers? US has 10 million computers in classrooms, Brick-n-click with technology built upon traditional strategies
Technology as delivery platform, changes how learning takes place, Shift in delivery where online
One of 5 classes is Learning Lab for technology immersion with online learning
Alternative schools allow students to make up or move ahead during non-traditional time schedules
Schools that are Struggling: Transformation, Turn Arounds, Restart, Close
DreamBox- Check out for TechEd class?
MMOLG? – check this out. Game developers allow others to play their game and then make comments
“Consumer Learning” – social learning groups (Edmoto)

...each of us has know mutations in the mind
When the world jumped and what had been a plan
Dissolved and rivers gushed from what had seemed a pool.

For every static world that you or I impose
Upon the real one must crack at times and new
Patterns from new disorders open like a rose

Mutations, Louis MacNeice